Video Greeting Cards – Friendship

Handwords™ new Video Greeting Cards blend music and words, images and voice to create magic with these “messages from the heart™”.

Open and listen to studio partners, Percy or Suzanne, read Percy’s poems on the universal themes of

Love, Friendship, Special Moments, LGBTQ+, Holidays, and Birthdays.

Easy to download the Video Greeting Cards and send as an attachment in an email or text.

Celebrate special occasions, brighten someone’s day, express your feelings or congratulate.

New Video Greeting Cards are always in production.  Please check back again often to see what we have added to our Video Library.  Enjoy!

Thank You for You Read by Suzanne

Thank You, Thank You Read by Percy

Time Shared Read by Suzanne

Friends (Side by Side) Read by Suzanne

Friends Read by Suzanne

I Miss You My Friend Read by Suzanne

Friends Cherished Read by Suzanne