Monarch Joint Venture

The Monarch Joint Venture (MJV) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization coordinating a network of over 100 partners across the U.S. in a unified effort to conserve monarch butterflies and their habitats. This diverse partnership ranges from government agencies to NGOs, businesses, and academic institutions that work together to implement science-based conservation actions. The four pillars of Monarch Joint Venture’s work are habitat, education, research, and partnerships. 

As a leader in monarch conservation, the MJV supports conservation planning and implementation efforts on a broad scale by facilitating information sharing, partnership building, and carrying out identified conservation priorities. To reach our nation’s ambitious monarch and habitat targets, commitment from a diverse set of stakeholders is required. The MJV works to recruit, educate, engage, and to inspire action among a broad spectrum of individuals and entities.

In December of 2020, the US Fish and Wildlife Service ruled that listing monarch butterflies under the Endangered Species Act was warranted, but precluded by higher priorities. This decision is a call to action for everyone to scale up voluntary conservation efforts. By donating 20% of your purchase to MJV, you are supporting collaborative and continent-wide efforts working towards vibrant monarch populations and thriving ecosystems for future generations. For other opportunities to get involved, visit