Consider sending a Video Greeting Card for Thanksgiving.

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We produced all of our original one of a kind Video Greeting Cards using my poems and Suzanne’s production skills. As an illustrator and graphics designer as well as fine artist and her musical skills she made it possible to combine poetry, sound and action to produce our Video Greeting Cards. All are read by me and Suzanne. In writing my poems I consider the life we all lead, different yet sharing many events and life experiences. We cover a broad category which will grow through the year. The way it works is you can enjoy watching and listening to all of them on our site for free. When you find one or more that is just right, select it, and we will send the video card directly from our site to whomever you designate. We confirm for you that it has been sent with an email message of your choice. The video greeting card will be available to replay for 7 days. Our Holiday Wishes Collection is fun to listen to. It will get you into the spirit of the season just as it has us. We would love for you to tell us what video greeting cards you would like us to produce in the future.