About HandWords

Hand Words Publishing is a partnership of Art and Poetry created at Open Sky Studio & Gallery on the Gulf Coast of Florida. From its opening in 2008, the studio has produced and exhibited original fine art. Now, artist and poet, Percy Kleinops has joined artist, Suzanne Murphy to introduce HandWords tm Companion Poem Cards tm, small stand-alone cards designed to slip into any blank note or greeting card for Say It with Poemtm . Pick a Card – Add a Poem tm. Our studio exists to inspire the minds and capture the hearts of our clients and customers with art and poetry to guide them through the journey of finding what is right for them.  

Hand Words Publishing also published Percy’s first book of Art & Poetry, To Keep Us Human. His second book, Our Hearts Beat the Same, a poet’s view of diversity yet the sameness in us is planned to be available in later winter 2020.

Percy’s statement as a poet: “Celebrating life’s milestones, joys, love, and special moments are interpreted from my own life’s journey onto my Poem Cards. A sprinkling of laughter and fun finds its way there too.”

Our Poem Cards are offered with envelopes. We also offer Poem Cards with a tie for the convenience of attaching the Poem Cards to gifts, such as wine, gift baskets and flowers. We hope you enjoy your journey to finding the right Poem Card to say what you want. Should you have topics for which you would like us to write a poem or two, please let us know. Our new Fine Art Note and Greeting cards include the series The WaterBabies by artist Suzanne Elizabeth Murphy. Suzanne’s fine art can be viewed on her website SuzanneElizabethMurphy.com. The Note Card and Greeting Cards also include art from Percy Kleinops. His art can be viewed on his website PercyKleinops.com.